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July 05 Posted in Health and Nutrition

“I have no time!” Well, this has become a normal reply to every question nowadays. Even 24 hours seem less. Doesn’t it?  And do you know what comes with it as a tail? Fast food! And do you know what comes with fast food? Health crisis! We need to avert this crisis!

Milk to the rescue! Why not start your day with a “Solid Shuruwat” and trust us it’s quick enough to be a fast food. Like shakes? Takes 5 minutes to make. All you need is the flavor you like, a blender and ofcourse Milk. Don’t have even 5 minutes? Just pour some milk in a glass. Take your most favorite biscuit or cookie, dip it and take a bite. Heaven! Get some Muesli or cereals, pour some milk on it and if you like it sweet add some honey. There you have it fast food minus health crisis. Solve any fast paced life health crisis with ‘SUPER MILK’!

Stock up on fresh cream, take a bowl full of fruits you like, put some fresh cream on it, top it up with honey and- Voila  your perfect start to your perfect day with no effort whatsoever! ‘Super Milk’ to the rescue again!

Milk is the Fast food you need to avert the other fast food crisis that has befallen us!

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