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About Us

Har Din Ki Solid Shuruwat

Namaste! Welcome to Namaste India Foods, where every product is an ode to the essence of Indian dairy. Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with authentic and delightful dairy products that take you back to your mom’s home-cooked meals!

Our journey began with the aim of bringing you the most nourishing and pure dairy products. Each product is pure and delicious, from milk to aromatic ghee that adds magic to your dishes. Our soft and malaidar paneer is adored by patrons. The top-notch quality milk powder will let you whip up a delicious cup of tea or coffee anytime.

Our curd and buttermilk are perfect for recreating those nostalgic moments. We promise to deliver the finest dairy delights, free from additives. Each sip and every dollop is filled with the goodness of pure Indian dairy.

Your love fuels our passion for authentic Indian dairy products, keeping us committed to delighting you.

Let's savour the authentic taste of desi dairy and cherish the love that binds us all. Namaste India Foods - Har Din Ki Solid Shuruwat!

About RSPL Group

RSPL Group is a diversified Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conglomerate committed to deliver ‘value for money’ propositions. Today it is a INR 8000 crore organization, providing employment to over 25000 team members, and with a presence across the country and internationally.

The journey of RSPL Group started in 1988, when Shri. Murli Dhar Gyanchandani and Shri. Bimal Kumar Gyanchandani started their journey from Kanpur with Ghadi Detergent. With a desire to create a lasting and successful impact on millions of consumers across the country, RSPL Group today has presence in FMCG, Dairy & allied products, Real Estate, Footwear, Lifestyle & Fashion, Green Power etc.

RSPL Group believes in sustained economic growth with due importance given to the environment and giving back to society, showcasing a holistic business expansion plan. As a part of our CSR outreach, we have trusts named Laxmi Devi Dayal Das Charitable Trust and RSPL Welfare Foundation through which most of our CSR activities are undertaken.