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NIF Pvt. Ltd. (Namaste India) extends lucrative franchise opportunities for a comprehensive range of Namaste India dairy products, including milk, ghee, paneer, butter, curd, buttermilk, paneer, dairy whitener, and more. These products enjoy widespread consumption throughout India, catering to individuals of all age groups and serving as essential commodities in various regions. Over recent years, the dairy products sector has undergone a notable transformation, transitioning from an unorganized structure to a well-organized industry. This transition has yielded significant advantages for consumers, encompassing enhanced product quality and an expanded array of options to meet their preferences. Join our esteemed network, embarking on a profitable venture within the dairy industry.

Why to join us?

      ✔ You can earn regular handsome earning by taking franchise of Namaste India's dairy outlet.
        ✔ The resources required to run the shop are your responsibility, the major expenses like rent and electricity bills are ours.
        ✔ Get the honor of being directly associated with the brand by making a small investment and earn huge benefits.

About Namaste India

NIF Private Limited is an Indian Dairy Company, the sister concern of RSPL Ltd., is committed to supply pure milk and fresh milk products. RSPL Group is a diversified Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conglomerate committed to deliver ‘value for money’ propositions. Today it is a INR 8000 crore organization, providing employment to over 25000 team members, and with a presence across the country and internationally.

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