How does your
Namaste India Milk
stay fresh and

Milk Procurement

Milk is collected from various villages through world-class AMCU and brought to the company’s Chilling Centres after ensuring that the milk is not tampered with and what you get is pure and fresh milk.

Cold Chain Process

Before the milk is delivered to you, it is kept in hygienic Cold Chains from where you get fresh and nutritious milk.

Quality Check

The milk is purified in the company’s dairy by experts who use the latest technology in the Automatic Plant. That’s why Namaste India Milk meets the highest grades of purity.


Milk is pasteurized through the Automatic Ultra-modern Milk Processing System so that the milk retains its purity and nutritional value.

Home Delivery

From collecting milk to home delivery, everything is supervised by our experts because your family’s health is as important to us as it is to you.