How to Choose the Best Milk Brand in India?

Milk is a staple in our lives in all senses. Whether it's your morning cup of milk tea, or the cheese in your pizza, it is used widely to satisfy all sorts of cravings. It thus makes it a daily used product in many households in India.

When it comes to picking the best milk brand in India, one needs to consider many things that give it its quality. What kind of milk is it? How fresh is it? Is it pasteurized or unpasteurized? These are a few of the questions that one should dwell on when picking the most well-suited milk brand for them. Let's address a few of these questions in detail- 

Few Different Kinds of Milk

Toned Milk

Toned milk is prepared by mixing two variants of milk from either cow or buffalo or both with fresh skimmed milk. It is usually pasteurized and tests negative on a Phosphatase test.

Standardized Milk

The milk in this case from any of its sources is standardized to adjust milk solids in an acceptable percentage. This is done so by standardizing fat and solids-non-fat.

Full Cream Milk

This type of milk has its cream intact and contains more than 3.5% of fat. It is usually recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers, children, teenagers, etc.

Skimmed Milk

As the name suggests, this kind of milk does not contain cream and has a meagre percentage of fat at 0.1 %. It is good for those who are recommended a low-fat diet.

How to Pick the Brand for You?

Milk is perhaps one of the healthiest drinks around, except water. It contains a healthy dose of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and folate. It has highly beneficial minerals such as calcium and potassium. To pick the best brand of milk out there, take a close look at their production process and the quality they deliver.

A recent favourite is the brand Namaste India, which produces fresh and rich milk, full of vitamins. They are involved in the collection, processing and distribution of pasteurized milk to the whole of India.

The best part about their milk processing system is the setting up of chilling centres at a distance of every 50 km from its dairy plants. This ensures that the quality of milk matches the acceptable standards. With competitive pricing, this is one of the best brands to go for at the moment.


No matter which brand you decide to pick, make sure you look into their specifications in great detail and have a clear idea of their production practices. You deserve the best quality, so do not settle for anything else.

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