How to Choose the Best Paneer Brand in India?

With so many dairy brands coming up almost every day, one might feel obligated to choose the best. Even though all the brands tend to present them as best, you must choose the perfect one for yourself. There are certain parameters that you may look into before buying your paneer online or at the store. This article is all about helping you find the best paneer brand in India. We will briefly discuss all the necessary parameters down here to help you reach a conclusion as we end this.

 Moreover, Namaste India has been providing exceptional dairy products for quite a long time now. With high-quality products and decent shelf life, it is indeed one of the best paneer brands available in India. Now, let us dig into the article and see all the aspects you need to analyze.

Availability of the brand

Most popular paneer brands like Namaste India are easily available in almost every store. There is no point in choosing a brand you hardly find in stores near you. A situation like that might not just double your efforts of searching but can leave you annoyed as well.

 Even though there are many factors, the availability of the brand remains a primary concern. No matter how delicious the paneer is, as long as it is not available in your locality, it is of no use to you.

Other parameters to consider

Taste, odour and texture are some of the things that certainly proves the quality of your paneer. Every brand offers unique products and all these three things differ from one brand to other. But, the difference does not mean it is not suitable to consume. You may choose the brand that curates paneer according to your taste buds.

  1. Taste
    Some paneer has a pleasant milky sort of taste while others might have a sour or slightly acidic taste. Namaste India paneer has a milky sort of taste; this is why thousands of consumers choose it over others.

  2. Odour
    The perfect way to test whether the paneer is fresh or not is through its odour. Paneer that has a milky and fresh odour is often considered the finest. So, make sure you look for a brand that offers paneer with fresh odour.

  3. Texture
    Generally, fresh paneer has a very spongy sort of texture. However, it does not mean brands that sell hard textured paneer are selling old products. Even freshly made paneer can be hard too.

  4. Nutritional Value
    Nutritional value is one of the most important things to consider. You can ignore other things for once but this is a primary concern for almost everyone. Namaste India paneer is high in all sorts of nutrition value which make it a perfect choice for all.

Price of the paneer

Paneer that tastes good and has appropriate nutrition values is pretty easy to find at times. The difficulty arises in terms of paneer price; finding paneer that perfectly falls in our budget is typical sometimes. Check Namaste India’s 200 gm paneer price which is easily available across India.

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