The Tradition of Milk

July 09 Posted in Health and Nutrition

The world around us has changed. From phones to timings. What has not changed are traditions- passed from generations generations. Milk is one of them. What milk meant to our Grandfather it still means the same to the Millennials.

The little traditions of kheer on birthdays or Pedasyour mother make on any religious occasions have not changed and will never change. Muh meetha karane ke liye aaj bhi barfi aur rasgulle hi khilatein hain.But kids have changed and so have their tastes. The best way is to teach kids to understand the tradition of milk is to give your kids the freedom to choose their likes and dislikes; and device ways to add milk to them. Some kids might not like milk in its raw form, so why not add cheese and yogurt in their diet. It could be in unison with multiple other tasty treats, which kids love - cereals, chocolate powder, or any other food your kids enjoy.

Yug Badla Hai, Sanskar nai.

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