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Namaste India Milk Gaadha Maza (Full Cream)

Pack Size

270ml, 275ml, 300ml, 450ml, 500ml, 950ml, 1000ml, 1900ml, 2000ml, 6000ml

Shelf Life

For best results, store continuously under refrigeration below 4°C until 'Use by Date'.

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Experience the pure delight of Namaste India's Gaadha Maza Full Cream Milk, a nourishing elixir to enrich your healthy lifestyle. Milk, the cornerstone of a nutritious diet, is a timeless source of vitality for both young and old.

At Namaste India Foods, we cherish your well-being, and our commitment to purity ensures every sip brims with protein, vitamins, calcium, and essential Minerals. Sourced directly from the farmers, our full cream milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and minerals.

It is available in convenient pack sizes ranging from 300ml to 6000ml. Namaste India’s full cream milk price fits every household budget. So, go ahead and savour the creamy richness that blends harmoniously with your morning breakfast, afternoon tea or late night nutritional needs.

Embrace the nourishing power of Gadha Maza Full Cream Milk, and relish the taste of pure health, meticulously preserved under refrigeration until the 'Use by Date.' Elevate your well-being with every glass and experience the goodness of genuine dairy in its truest form.

Nutritional Information

Amount per 100g

FAT 6% Minimum , SNF 9% Minimum
Energy, kcal 101.03
Protein, gm 3.62
Total Fat, gm 6.15
Saturated Fat, gm 4.26
Transfatty Acid, gm 0.11
Cholesterol, mg 19.81
Carbohydrate, gm 7.80
Total Sugar, gm 4.89
Added Sugar, gm 0
Sodium (as Na), mg 47.63
Calcium, mg 127.20

Product Features

  • Milk is considered to be the most essential component for a healthy diet. Be it for kids or women, milk is always suggested to be part of the daily intake.
  • We understand the value of your health and therefore, try to provide you fresh and pure milk which is rich in Protein, Vitamins, Calcium and Minerals.